Individual Sessions

Would you like some help on your journey of growth and self discovery?  That’s why I’m here.  My name is Lauren.  I am a spiritual advisor, intuitive empath, Reiki Master, energy healer, artist, teacher, and student. Many times on our Life Journey, we need a safe place and a compassionate ear to share our thoughts.  We need someone who will give us an unbiased opinion or simply a different perspective.  We need someone who will help us figure out the next step in our Soul’s growth.  I offer individual sessions by appointment only via phone and Skype.

What To Expect From Me

I connect with your Higher Self, Guides, Angels, and Spirits to relay to you the information that is for your highest good. This includes teaching or guiding you to the tools and techniques that will best assist you with the next steps on your life journey. If Spirit guided, energy healing may be performed (time and conditions permitting). The goal of each session is to teach you new ways to connect with Self and Spirit.  With the greater connection, you will be able to better identify areas that need healing and have access to the resources to support the process. In each session, I use a variety of modalities including Oracle Cards, Rune Stones, Crystals, Guided Meditations, Energy Healing, and Chakra Balancing to further assist and teach you.

What Is Expected Of You

You must be willing to do the mental and emotional work necessary to move along your path.  I do not provide or teach “quick fixes” or “shortcuts”.  The effects of some issues can be relieved quickly, but it takes time and work to heal and grow.

Healers and Light Workers

I specialize in working with healers and light workers.  Your needs are unique given our society and your abilities.  We will work together to clear any mental and emotional barriers to your own success in further development of your skills and practice.

To schedule a session

When you are ready to begin, simply email us at We will contact you to get more information and schedule a session. After the session is complete, we will send you a Paypal invoice. The cost is $90/hour.