Lauren Whitley

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Like most people, I am not just one thing. I am a woman, a mother, an ex-wife (since remarried), a software programmer, an artist, a writer, a healer, an empath, an oracle card and rune stone reader, a teacher, a student, and a business owner. I’ve struggled with my weight, depression, addiction, loss, career changes, life changes, and prejudice. I am left-brained AND right-brained.

And I have discovered that I love the messy bits we call Life. In working through my own physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional transformations that results from living that Life, I discovered that my years (decades really) as a software programmer had other uses. As a programmer, I had to first look at the individual steps of a process. If something wasn’t working, I had to pull the program apart layer by layer and piece by piece to find the missing or incorrect part. Sometimes it was as simple as a missing semicolon. (Yes, swearing would inevitably ensue.) The joy of discovering and fixing the issue, however, was always well worth the effort. I applied the same principles to my healing and spiritual growth. Each issue and self-belief was broken down to find out how it happened. What was useful was kept. What wasn’t was replaced or released. As I made progress, I discovered the ability to do the same for others. First friends and family, then others that were sent to me by those friends and family. Now it is my joy and honor to help others on their path on a professional basis.

I look forward to getting to know you.

Peace and Blessings,


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