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     Heart’s Compass was originally conceived by Jenn after her last deployment to Iraq in 2011.  As she contemplated her role in the military as a search and rescue helicopter pilot and also as an primary instructor pilot, what she really wanted to do with her life was to, “Bring Love down from Above send it out wherever she went.”  That is represented by this logo and also as tattoos on her feet.
     Meanwhile, Lauren was establishing herself as the “go to” psychic medium in the Florida Panhandle as “Guided Path Healing”. Her energy work was known for assisting other light workers along their paths in a no-nonsense straightforward way. Lauren’s creative talents for painting, writing, jewelry making, and technology keep her balanced and well-rounded.
     In 2016, their paths merged, and they began a quest to seek out a place to begin a new chapter together. After a 13,000 mile road trip, they settled on the Pacific Northwest (Tacoma, WA). Jenn and Lauren fell in love with the outdoor lifestyle of the area and began to nurture the fledgling business at local festivals. Lauren’s remote sessions with her world-wide clients were proven to be just as powerful as in-person appointments. Jenn discovered an inherent connection to crystals (especially quartz) and could tune into the vibration of each individual crystal. Together, they are a very potent team that has all the skill sets necessary to be extraordinary “Guides and Outfitters for Your Life Journey”.
May Joy & Love be your “Heart’s Compass”.
Jenn and Lauren

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Jenn Reed


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Lauren Whitley


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